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Tasting words?

On a bag I got from the bookshop, was written:  “Taste every word.” Oh, I thought. That’s interesting. So I decided to give my synesthesia a workout:

I = sort of gingery

you/ewe = chocolate milkshake

me = unusually like curry flavoured ice cream

window = coffee

obstreperous = pancakes

unpleasant  = kind of floury, like tortilla

read/red = chewy like toffee

dream = fudge

osequious = strawberry jelly

soft = old socks (don’t like this one so much)

scandalous = mushroom pizza

they = ice cubes

yes = lime

no = tea leaves

tired = custard

Strangely enough, when I tried to do this with food words, I ended up describing how they felt, instead of tasted, e.g:

cheese= rubber

bread = fluffy

milk = plastic.


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I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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