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The Problem with Sleep.

Dancing in a bright skirmished world,

Never looking before you leap.

She is the one with wings unfurled

Who takes you ‘twixt life, death and sleep.

In her realm, consider yourself blessed.

Though she is a notorious queen,

She would not harm her guest.

All the things you have heard and seen

Become the fragments of a dream.

Pieces of memory she harvests.

Ah, you can weep and you can scream,

But without her there’d be no rest.

I tell you what it is she destests:

The fact you won’t recall, when awoken,

The things she showed you, words she’s spoken.

But sleep deep, dream tight, and rest.


About chasingwoozles

I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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