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You Are Here (a sideways look at life, death and the human mind)

(warning: contains stream of consciousness.)

(other warning: this is a very very very long question.)

Have you ever realised how to be like that, sitting in a day like today, looking at all your yesterdays and with all the tomorrows lining up like lemmings above your head, probably wishing yesterday could have been better (and so you rebuild with what you have until you are left with false memories; here is one I made a little earlier) but not knowing if the next time you open your eyes will be any better or any worse, or even if it’s your eyes that will be opened or someone else’s again, and you have to keep waking up and waking up over and over again until that little essence of you (long put to sleep when you were, say, three) is uncovered, and stretches its cramped wings and torso, scratches at its flaming migraine and says, ‘What a night that’s been,’ before carelessly stepping into the air and gliding off into the sunset, leaving all your shells and personas to lie scattered, earthed in some strange substance that was disguised as Reality, yet was all some kind of bizarre dream you couldn’t properly wake up from, couldn’t properly close your eyes to, because they were already closed and you didn’t know it, you were too busy clinging to every scrap of information, things in the future that quickly swept past you in the present, far into the past, on that funny little tide called Time, (something you hardly ever seemed to have enough of, or worse, too much) too busy running from the Monster, the End, the Final Battle, the time when you finally turned back into yourself again, because maybe other people (who were frightened of themselves) taught you to be frightened of yourself too, (when you were very small) without realising it, and then maybe they realised who they were and that THEY WERE HERE ALL THIS TIME, long before you had, but could not reach you to pass on the message, because in being shut to yourself, you shut yourself to them unwittingly, and needed their help to open again (a bit like locking the car keys inside your car) so you have no idea what lies ahead, wondering, hoping for a beginning?


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I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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