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A weird dream

I was with Doctor Who (Matt Smith,) Amy, Rory, a blonde girl who was a bit of an airhead, and a moody girl who looked like a goth or possibly an emo (I find it difficult to tell the difference). Both girls had impossibly long hair and the blonde’s was almost white.

We were wandering around in a big, deserted shopping centre, nothing was working and everything had broken down and come to a standstill. I had a feeling that something was after us (daleks? Cybermen?) and we were searching for a doorway that would take us through time and space to somewhere safer.

I saw a door like the sort you get on a washing machine, except it was revolving quite fast and it had pillars on either side of it. I pointed it out to the Doctor, but he said something about it not revolving fast enough to break through the dimension or something, and we went past it and kept looking around. Then I reasoned, conversationally, that as the door was a lot like a washing machine, it might approach a spin cycle and speed up.

The Doctor acted like he hadn’t heard me, but his face and body language became urgent, as it he was thinking, “Uh – oh, we nearly missed it” or “A – ha! I’ve found it!” and he spun round and started striding back towards it. We had to jog to keep up.

Then the door was spinning too fast, so to slow it down, the Doctor somehow got us to let water into the shopping centre and it flooded from the bottom up to the top floor, like it was a giant tank. We were standing outside while this was happening, and then we had to open the main door and go in, underwater, to find the spinning door.

For some reason when we went in the water inside the building stayed in a cube and didn’t spill out onto the street. I held my breath as we went in, wondering how long I could hold my breath for and whether we were going to drown.

As we were climbing up a broken – down escalator, I unthinkingly breathed in and realised we could breathe in this water. Rory, who was behind me, had his cheeks blown out like a puffer fish and it made me laugh. He was surprised to see me laughing underwater, lost his breath, panicked, realised he could breathe, then looked embarrassed. We all laughed then, and once we got to the Door it had changed into a black computer screen with a wormhole leading from it to somewhere else.

The blonde girl went first, sticking her head into the screen and slithering down it with a small scream. I guessed that if I wasn’t careful, I’d be the last one through and I didn’t think I’d have the nerve to go through it if I was the last one, I really wasn’t looking forward to it but reckoned I ought to get it over with, so I elbowed my way in front of the goth, stuck my head into the screen and got sucked in.

There was a vague feeling of being turned upside down and then I landed headfirst on the floor of a narrow cupboard full of art supplies, with my legs draped over the top of a cabinet. Dazed, I got up, walked out of the cupboard and found I was in the art classroom at my old secondary school. The blonde girl and I sat down, trying to blend in, and waited for the others. Then I woke up!


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I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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