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A Philosolophicalophical chat

Brian: How can doubting your own existence prove that you exist?

David: Define “existence.”

B: Being.

D: Define “being.”

B: Um…having shape or form?

D: Ah, but what is shape? What is form?

B: Forms are what you fill in. So…existence is to be contained?

D: Um…

B: Or…I suppose shape or form is either something that’s grown or something that’s cut. “Milk is a drink made from grass” – er, but with a cow in the middle.

D: But when you stop perceiving something, does it still exist?

B: You’re asking me…that if I saw something…then went into another room, it wouldn’t be there anymore or not? Depends if it had legs. Or if I was the only person in the house…though I guess if I went into another room, and fell asleep, and forgot to lock the door beforehand, someone could just waltz in and take it.

D: Er…?

B: Though, how would the burglar know what I was perceiving before I fell asleep?…Unless he was spying on me through a window. But then, if the burglar was perceiving me, how’d he know I existed when he went to the front door?

D: Ehm…

B: And what if I died in my sleep? Eh? Eh? EH?

D: This is getting a bit unhinged…

B: Oh no, the door’s got hinges. If it had no hinges, the burglar would perceive me again and the experiment wouldn’t work.

D: AHEM. To get back on topic, what about this: Can something exist BEFORE you perceive it?

B: Before I know about it? Oh, yes. I find out about things I’ve never known in my life everyday. But I can never say what I don’t know, before I know it, because if I were able to tell you what I didn’t know, then I’d know it and wouldn’t be telling you the truth, y’know?



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