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A Philosophicalophicalophical chat Part II

David: OK. So…if the above is the case, how d’you know when someone is lying to you about knowing something or telling the truth? “What is truth?”

Brian: Truth is the opposite of lies. Stranger than fiction. No matter what, you just can’t make up the truth.

D: Mmm, but how would I know whether you were making it up or not?

B: Little signs in my face, voice, body language would give you a clue, unless you’re a practiced liar. Liars lie in statements, so a question can’t be a lie, can it?

D: Only if it’s an open question. Leading questions aren’t exact lies, but they can suggest lies. My head’s spinning…

B: So is the truth a question?

D: Say that, and you might as well say that all answers are lies!

B: Maybe it depends on who you are. Some answers seem true to others but you might interpret what happened differently.

D: Aha. So what you’re saying is, all that has already been perceived is a lie to some people, while others believe in it. So what has NOT already happened and NOT been perceived, is the truth. The truth is the future? Which is uncertain?

B: Funny thing, I always thought the truth was a certain thing, like a fact.

D: But facts are recorded after things happen, by the people who witnessed it or got told about it. So maybe facts are lies to some people.

B: I’m…so confused…

D: Truth is an uncertainty we all need to find out, because we believe truth is a certainty when in fact it isn’t. It is a lie to say the truth is certain. What a dichotomy.

B: So…um…to find out the truth, you need evidence. But once you perceive evidence, it’s already happened, so it could be a lie?

D: You saying the truth changes into a lie once it’s found?

B: Rather sneaky of the Truth, isn’t it? I don’t trust her anymore!

D: Calm down. We perceive as individuals, and individuals have opinions. Opinions differ. That’s all there really is to it. If you want to get the truth, just for your own peace of mind, go and find it yourself. So long as you believe it, that’s all that matters.

B: Until someone else proves it wrong.

D: (sighs) Let’s just go get some ice cream, yeah?


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