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Cottage Cheese

Brian: What are you thinking about?

David: Oh, you know. Life. Death. The Universe. Cottage cheese. That kind of stuff, y’know.

B: Cottage cheese?

D: Yeah-  well, mostly – I mean, why’s it called cottage cheese? Is it made from the crushed-up remains of cottages?

B: Looks like it.

D: Or, do they milk the cottage and then turn it into cheese?

B: Don’t be ridiculous.

D: I’m not! What about that story about the cottage in the woods that had chicken-legs so if a stranger came near it could spin around to stop the stranger finding the door? If a cottage has legs, maybe it has other bodily functions.

B: Chicken – legs…You can’t milk a chicken.

D: Maybe they cull the cottages, then. Yes, I can see it now – a cottage on little legs running through the trees, trying to escape the hunt, its hay-hair flapping in the breeze…

B: You’ve forgotten to take your tablets again, haven’t you?



In April 2013, a short story I have written, called “Tides,” will appear in Poetic Diversity, the litzine of Los Angeles. It is very funny. Also, it contains aliens, but not as we know them…


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I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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