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The Men Who Loved The Sun is HERE.

Here is the wonderful linky to Volume II, issue 10 of Penumbra magazine. It is based on Japanese mythology. My story “The Men Who Loved The Sun” is inside, printed for the first time. (Yep, I am gobsmacked! In a deliriously joyful way, I hasten to add.) It’s a funny story.
Sometimes, it takes the smallest person to do the important stuff.
But it is also good to work together. For some time now, I have been involved with a writing group on Facebook. We have just released our first anthology of stories. Anthology 1 consists of APOCALYPTIC TALES. Are you all still there? Good. They won’t bite you. They’ll just burrow under your skin…

DISCLAIMER: Although the title of my story is The Lightning-Mouse at the End of the World, no actual lightning-mice were harmed during the writing process. Tens of ink cartridges were.
Reflections of the End is £2.00 to keep and costs you nothing flat to borrow. (Not that you should give it back to me, of course, but y’know what I mean.)

Happy reading.


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