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Yet More Stream of Consciousness Burbling

There should be a pronoun, neither He or She, that refers to God, not as It, but something more respectful. What is God, surprise by joy a floating epiphany in outer space, now we have reached the Moon way up high a hanging face, an old woman who had a stroke, concerned, peers into the face of her dying brother continuously and gives Light, the Lady of the Lamp. But what is it the eternity which we cling to with such avoidance? The river of life a stream a flowing torrent of dreams toppling into an abyss. The angels spread their wings and flew. Adam and Eve, gone to seed, their hearts were in cages sundered until the end of time, she was the key to his. Did Yahweh’s heart ever hurt so? The Big Am I. Big I Am. Bigamy. Adam had another wife before Heva and that’s where the inhumanity generated. No wonder people hated faeries. I Am Who Am. Who am I? Does He even know who He is? God is the “perfect androgyne” and we overestimate Him and belittle the Her. Leonardo da Vinci. Call me Da. Father our Lord who art in Heaven. Heva. Saw a film once where Jesus was doubled up with heartpain for every sin in the world. We overestimate the Creator but ignore the vulnerability of Him. He’s probably got the equivalent of a myocardial infarction by now. Nursed by the Pleiades? But His heart is whole with Hers and we are halves. We don’t see how injured we are together. Trying to find love in an unfriendly world and an empty sky. Eyes shut, awake. Floating along in life without knowing we are alive asleep, dreaming. Born out of Eternity, the only real thing, and we distract ourselves from it, and at the end thrust back into it again, the Sea of Nothing. A sea of God. Without a struggle there’s no life, and we have to find love in the shadowiest corners.
Don’t leave me again.


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I am a writer. Passionate about music, doing various random creative things, and making people laugh!

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